Aluminium Bronzes

Aluminum bronzes are used for their combination of high strength, excellent corrosion ,toughness and wear resistance.

Aluminum bronze alloys typically contain 9-12% aluminum and up to 6% iron and nickel.

Aluminum bronzes are used in marine hardware, shafts and pump and valve components  for handling seawater,  sour mine waters, non oxidizing acids, and industrial process fluids.

They are also used in applications such as heavy duty sleeve bearings, and machine tool ways.

They are designated by UNS C60800 through C64210.

We supply a variety of Aluminium Bronze Welding Alloys  to suit above mentioned applications.


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628-GTAW  628 -GMAW  Aluminium Bronze wire used for  joining and surfacing of copper-alloys,  steel and cast iron. Also for dissimilar  joints between copper alloys and steels. 

The deposit is corrosion, seawater and  cavitation resistant with a low coeffi cient of friction. 

Use with pure Argon as shielding gas ,

Rm (Mpa) : 380-430 Re (Mpa) : 180 

A5 (%) : 40  

Hardness:140-160 HB Weldmetal: Cu, AL 

MATERIAL 2.0921  AWS A5.7 ER CuAl-A1


Seawater applications Desalination plants  chemical industry,  propellers, bearings 


(CU 114) 

Copper Tin Electrode for welding  copper tin bronzes and brass. 

Weld deposit is resistant to salt water cor rosion and therefore ideal for use in sea water desalination, naval construction,  

chemical and petrochemical industry. Electrode size  

Diam. 3.2 mm other sizes on request 

Rm (MPa) 300 

Rp (MPa) 120 

A5 ( %) 20 

Hardness : ~ 110 HB  Electrode is designed to  weld on AC Current but  can also be used on DC  +  

AWS A 5.6 : E Cu Sn –A

For surfacing and  build ups on brass,  steel and cast iron.  Repair Bronze  

Castings joining  

dissimilar metals  

Ship propeller repairs