Aluminium Joining Products



Aluminum is a unique and widely used non ferrous metal

It is light weight, strong ,has a good corrosion resistance and a good
conductor of heat and electricity .

Aluminum is used extensively in the following industries.

  • Transportation: Automobile, aircraft, trucks, railways, cars,
    marine vessels, bicycles etc.
  • Construction of windows, doors, street lighƟng post, masts
  • Air-condition, refrigeration
  • Electrical transmission lines ,bus bars etc.
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Aluminum can be joined by welding processes such as

  • TIG (GTAW) MIG (GMAW) or MMA and by Brazing or soldering
  • The choice of process will depend on size of part, availability of equipment and strength of joint required.


We supply aluminum alloy filler metals in different alloys and sizes ,in
rod or spool form .


We offer a wide range of aluminum filler rods and fluxes for general flame induction or furnace brazing application.


Filler Metal Code AWS A 5.10 Class.

DIN 1732 Standard Alloy

Form of delivery Features


610 T / M ER 4047 ALSI12 3.2585 Rods (T) Spools (M) For flame and furnace brazing of aluminum alloys, thin flowing ,smooth uniform fillets. (use with flux 40 PA /40 Fl or 40 FL/N

For TIG or MIG welding of Al Si Alloys.

612 T/M ER 4043



Rods (T) Spools (M) Welding of Al alloys wit Si content of up to 7 %.,suitable for wide range of AL alloys.

Alloy 3004 ; 3005 ; 3303 ; 5005 ; 6060 ; 6061 ; 6071 ; 6063

Can also be used for brazing of aluminum

611 T /M ER1100 AL 99.5 Rods (T) Spools (M) Welding of pure aluminum such as AL 99.5,Al 99.7,AL99 Alloy 1080 A ; 1050 A ;1100 ; 3004 ; 3005, 3303
615 T/M ER 5356

Al Mg 5


Rods (T) Spools (M) Solid wire for welding of AL Mg Alloys Such as alloy 5056,5083,5086,5454,5754

Used extensively in marine and transport.

40 PA

40 PA/NC

PA (corrosive flux residues)

PA/NC (non corrosive residues)

Paste 1 kg Paste type flux for brazing most types of Al ,

Used with rods such as gold 610 T,ER 4047

40 FL

40 FL/NC

FL (corrosive flux residues)

FL/NC (non corrosive – residues)


0.5 kg/1 kg

Powder flux for brazing most types of Al ,

Used with rods such as 610 T,ER 4047

Legend: T : Rods for GTAW (TIG) Welding are supplied in diam. 1.6,2.0, 2.4 and 3.2 mm / lengths of 1 m Packing :  5/ 10 kg Cardboard Boxes .

M : Wire for GMAW (MIG ) Welding supplied on spools BS 300 weight 7 kg .Other spools on request

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