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Products for Down Hole Tools Repair and Protection Stabilizers are an important Part in Down-Hole Applications and are typically made from

4145 or 4145 H Alloy steel .

The blades are subject to severe abrasion, pressure and impact causing heavy wear.

Depending on the application and equipment available we offer a variety of products

to rebuild and protect stabilizers, compressor rods , pump shafts, pump sleeves etc.

We have over 50 years experience and can offer you proven products and expert advice.

Additional Details

ARCWEL -788 –G Rope

Self fluxing flexible type tungsten-nickel alloy brazing wire. 

For maximum protection on conveyor screws, drill bits, stabilizers etc.

  • Used as a bonding layer and filler powder
    when applying tungsten carbide (TCI ) inserts
    or composite rods to stabilizers etc.
  • 2070 SF Nickel Tungsten Powder for protec-
    tion of edges and stabilizers and drilling tools.


Made from Crushed tungsten carbide held in a nickel bronze matrix. For use on fishing tools ,downhole reamers, openers, coring tools, mill- ing tools

ARCWEL 2010 -B

Special Oxy-Acetylene Torch for Preheating, Spraying
and Fusing of Metal powder

  • Heat shield for extra protection
    Integrated quick action shut of valve .
  • Gas mixture which was previously adjusted is
    maintained , saving time when spray operation has
    to be interrupted frequently
  • Highest level of operational safety
  • Accessories as per Model 2010-A
2015  Nickel base powder for joining and overlaying of parts where  machinability good bonding is of prime importance   Used as a bonding layer and filler powder when applying  tungsten carbide (TCI ) inserts or composite rods to sta bilizers etc. Fusion temperature (°C) 1040 –1080 Hardness : 13-18  HRC  Composition of Pow der.  Ni, Cu, Si, B, 
2070 –40 2070-50  2070-60  Tungsten carbide alloy powder (40, 50 , 60 % WC) for coat ings with maximum resistance to abrasion and erosion.   For knives, feeding screws, Mixer blades, Debarker tools,  stabilizers,  Melting range:~1050- 1260 º  Hardnes: 57-64 HRC  Service temp.: max:  600ºC