Wear protection with Thermal Metal spray Powders is versatile method of depositing high quality deposits on relatively low cost surfaces. Medium and high hardness materials, and carbide composites can be deposited on a variety of metals to achieve diverse properties such as mechanical strength, wear and corrosion resistance. More then 150 different metal powders are available to suit most applications

We supply Metal Powders for use with the following Processes:

  • Cold spraying (CS)
  • Detonation flame spraying
  • Oxy-acetylene powder welding , Spray & fuse (S&F)
  • Plasma spray (APS ) & Plasma transferred arc surfacing (PTA)
  • High velocity oxy-fuel spraying (HVOF-HVAF )

Hard facing of extrusion screws
(Spray & fuse )

HVOF spraying

HVOF spraying

( PFS) Powder Flame spraying of ceramic coatings


IndustriesApplications –Guide
Automotive & Marine RepairHydraulic rods, piston, piston rings Hard chrome replacements
Brick & Tile ManufacturingMixer blades, cylinder scraper blades, mixer screw, pug mill augers.
General EngineeringRebuilding pump housing, impellers & shafts ,plastic extrusion screws, machine bed ways , cams, wear rings.
Glass MakingMolds and plungers ,glass former rollers
Oil & GasStabilizers , Couplings, Sleeves, Pump shafts, Valves
Paper & PrintingInking rolls, calender & press rolls covers Conveyor screw, mixer arms & blades
PetrochemicalGate& ball valves ,valve seats , hydraulic rods, pump sleeve components etc.
Power generationGas turbines, hydroelectric pelton buckets, exhaust fans ,nozzles& blades, WTE boiler jacket tube package of combustion chambers & superheaters
Steel processingSteel mill rolls & guides, forming dies ,wire drawing capstans
Textile MachinesCrimping rolls, draw rolls , thread guides

Powders available

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Ceramic Based
  • Cobalt Based
  • Chromium Carbide
  • Iron Based
  • Molybdenum


Metal powders are packed in 5 kg plastic bottles or as per request.

Rotor: bearing surface coated with Extra hard ceram powder.

Flame powder welding – spray& fuse

Valve & Valve seats
ARCWEL 2-645-PTA or 2006-PTA

Stabilizer’s blades , repair & hard surfacing
ARCWEL 2018- SF for bonding WC inserts
ARCWEL 2060 or 2070 SF for protection

ARCWEL Thermal spray Metal Powder

2001 2006 2012Cobalt based high alloy powders for wear and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures .Extrusion screws, Banbury Mixers, Marine, Diesel engine Valves and seats2001 : HRC ~50-55 (Co1) 2006 : HRC ~37-40 (Co6) 2012 : HRC ~45-50 (Co12 ) Alloy: Co-Cr-W-Ni-Fe
2018Nickel base powder for joining and overlaying of parts where machinability is of prime importance. For use on glass, press or plastic injection moulds, manifolds, casting defects, tinning of stabilizers when cementing tungsten carbide inserts .Melting range:~1050-1260 º Hardness: 200-240 HV 30 Service temp.: max: 600ºC Alloy : NI-Cr-B Si
2040Nickel Chrome alloy powder for anti wear coatings against metal to metal pressure, For use on ,glass and plastic moulds, press tools & Thick coatings or build ups are possible.Melting range:~1050-1260 º Hardness: 360-420HV 30 Service temp.: max: 600ºC
2060Nickel Chrome alloy powder for anti wear coatings against abrasion and erosion. use on conveyors screws, guide rollers, cams, Valve steam Seats , Flow control Valve parts Mixer blades, fan blades, pump plungers etc.Melting range:~1050-1260 º Hardness: 56-62 HRC Service temp.: max: 600ºC Alloy : NI-Cr-B Si
2070 –40 2070-50 2070-60Tungsten carbide alloy powder (40, 50 , 60 % WC) for coatings with maximum resistance to abrasion and erosion. For knives, feeding screws, Mixer blades, debarker tools, stabilizers,Alloy : NI-Cr-B Si-WMelting range:~1050-1260 º Hardnes: 57-64 HRC Service temp.: max: 600ºC
2-625Nickel base (Inconel 625 *) for PTA or Laser cladding of Marine exhaust valve spindles ,valve seats ,piston rods For application by PTA or LaserHardness:~ 200-220 HV30 Melting range:1290–1350 ºC Service temp.: max: 750 ºC
2- 645Nickel Moly Powder for over laying &protection of parts subject to Corrosion, erosion and heat.For screws, valves, mixers, fan & turbine blades ,pump shafts, etc for application by PTA or LaserHardnes: 42–45 HRC Melting range:980-1080 ºC Service temp.: max: 750 ºC Alloy: Ni-Cr-Mo-W-Fe
2-718Nickel base (Inconel 718 *) for PTA or Laser cladding of Marine exhaust valve spindles and valve seatsHardness:~ 240-260 HV30

Datasheets are available on request

Particle size range :53-150 μm, 20-106 μm,45-125 μm, 53 μm, or as per request

Foot notes : *Inconel is a reg. trademark of Inco Corp.

Not sure which powder is the right one ? Contact us and we will try and find the best solution


  • A simple to use and cost effective spray & fuse torch to protect and repair valuable components against wear and tear.
  • Metal powders are applied with this special oxy acetylene torch and fused simultaneously to the surface of the metal part.
  • Precise and thin overlays can be made by diffusion ensuring a perfect bond below the melting point of the base metal.
  • Coatings made by this process have only a minimum of dilution and therefore retain the original properties.
  • No special training of operator required.

Set/ Kit as shown includes the following :

  • Torch with powder hopper
  • 5 different spraying nozzles (1-5)
  • 2 large heating/spraying nozzles
  • 2 quick couplings
  • Set of O rings and wrench
  • Carry box

Powder Welding Torch (ARCWEL 2010 )

Powder Welding Torch Box (ARCWEL 2010 )

Mini Spray Jet 2012

Flame spray gun for thermal Spraying of different powders using an oxy-fuel flame. Designed for universal metal powder coating using the hot or cold spray technique with self fluxing ,metal or ceramic powders Suitable for spraying also low melting powders such as zinc , zinc aluminum and thermoplastics