Benefits of Tungsten Carbide HardFacing Technologies and Products

Valuable equipment is subject to extreme wear by abrasion corrosion, erosion, friction, heat or impact.

  • Prolongs the life of parts and increases efficiency
  • Reduces equipment downtime as it keeps equipment longer working.
  • Productivity and profitability is increased
  • Reduction of spare parts inventory.
  • Resurfaced parts will help to reduce stocks of new parts normally required for emergency and general replacement
  • Reduced power (energy) consumption.
  • Parts hard faced with ARCWEL Alloys can outlast unprotected parts many times
What to consider before hardfacing TECHNOLOGIES– what is the wear problem?
  • Is abrasion, impact, heat, friction, cavitation or corrosion present ?
  • Which is the most important?
  • What consumable can meet the demands?
  • What is the base material composition-carbon, manganese, low alloy, stainless steel?
  • What method or process is best to use or available ?(SMAW ,GTAW, MIG. OXY ACETYLENE, THERMAL SPRAY etc.)
  • What Skills do your welders have?
  • Is preheat necessary? What about cooling?
  • Is there old hard facing on the part which needs to be removed?
  • Is build up necessary before hard facing (buffer layer)
  • What position is needed for welding? Which welding sequence is to be used?
  • What size of electrode, wire or rod is needed?
  • What quantity is required? Not Sure ?? We can help you to find the best solution : contact us today at: info@arcwel.at

Heat, Impact ,Friction on forging tools

Cavitation on Turbines

Erosion on Rotor/Fan blades

Pressure and Friction on Rails & Wheels

Corrosion on Valves

Abrasion on Mining Equipment