Arcwel wear protection products / form of delivery / packaging /sizes

SMAW /MMA (Shielded metal arc welding Stick electrodes ) in different sizes. Most popular sizes for hard facing are the Ø 3.2 and 4 mm Packaging: 4.5,5, or 6.5 kg (depending on size) Plastic Boxes with re closable CAP

MIG /MAG / (GMAW) solid wires supplied in Ø 1.0,1.2 and 1.6 mm on 10- 15 kg spools

FCAW-G (flux cored Wires gas shielded ) supplied in Ø 1.2,1.6 &2.4 mm

FCAW-O (open arc cored wires) are supplied in Ø 1.2,1.6,2.4 and 3.2 mm

ARC SPRAY (SP) Wires are available in Ø1.6 mm SP Babbitt 90 SN Ø 2 and 3 mm other sizes on request

SPOOL TYPES: EN/759 BS 300 (Photo) D300 ,K300

TIG /GTAW SOLID WIRES Sizes Ø 1.2, 1.6 2.0,2.4, 3.2 X L 1000 mm Packing : 10 kg Cartons or 5 Kg Plastic tubes

Tungsten Carbide (WC ) Welding Wire ARCWEL 788 G

Metal Spray Powder In 5 kg Plastic bottles.

Tungsten Carbide Composite Rods ARCWEL 790 G available in Cutting or Wear grades in 5 kg Cartons