Expensive equipment and industrial installations are subject to daily attack by abrasion, corrosion, erosion, impact, wear and tear creating enormous costs to industries.

The application and use of our anti-wear product range consisting of welding alloys & thermal spray powders , can increase the service life of vital machinery and parts in industries such as Automotive, Forging , Chemical& Petrochemical, Mechanical engineering, Cement, Food, Mining ,Earthmoving ,Pulp and paper, Power generation , Recycling, Iron and Steel, Sugar processing, Tool and die making, etc. dramatically.

ARCWEL products allow you to reclaim worn or damaged parts at a fraction of the cost of a new part

ARCWEL Products help you to reduce inventory and downtime cost

We offer Consultancy and Support on

Wear and corrosion problems

Material selection for best results

Our Mission:

To provide the most advanced and cost-effective products and service, Helping you to protect, repair and maintain valuable machines and plants

We have over 50 years experience ? Use it for your benefit.

Our Mission Don’t scrap it ? Repair and protect it ?