ARC-spray wires for boiler tubes (AS)

Electric Arc-Wire Process / AS- Arc-Spray Wires

Wire arc spray is a form of thermal spraying where two consumable metal wires are fed independently into the spray gun. These wires are then charged and an arc is generated between them. The heat from this arc melts the incoming wire. The molten metal is then atomized by a compressed gas (air and propelled on the workpiece to make a dense coating .Low temperature application ( below 150 °C).

No flammable gases required .Ideal for coating large areas. Easy to use

Used for coating of boiler equipment .Heavy duty bearing seat applications ,(Babbitt 90SN) Corrosion protection of iron& steel ,hydraulic pistons, cooler plates in cement works ,rollers on printing & paper making machines, pump plungers, impellers, etc.



90- AS

Solid Tin based lead free Babbitt type wire.
Superior antifriction alloy with excellent fatigue
resistance. Coatings are ductile, low oxide, and are
of bright metallic appearance
Typical applications are Diesel engine bearings,
Propeller shaft bearings, High speed turbine
bearings, Gearboxes etc.
Alloy typical ~
ASTM –B 23-00 (2014) /~UNS
L 13890 /Grade 2
Sn~ 90,Sb~7.0, Cu ~3.5
Ø 2.0,3.0 mm
100-AS Pure Zinc wire for protection of steel against corrosion. ZN 99.9 5

Diam. 1.6 (1/16) 3.2(1/8″)

110-AS Nickel Aluminium cored wire for bond coats .
Good corrosion and erosion resistance.
Ni 5 Al

Diam. 1.6 (1/16)

630- AS Flux-cored High alloy wire for coatings which must
Resist erosion, corrosion, and abrasion.
Application include the coating of exhaust fans, coal fired
boilers, cooler-plates in cement works , etc.
Service temp.: up to 650 °C
Cr 21,Mo 6,Nb 6-7, B, V, W , FeØ 1.6, mm

PS:Inform us about your application and we will try and offer you an wire according to
your requirements.