Applications (A-Z) & Quick guide to ARCWEL products

Anvil (wear )350/355-SMAWCrusher hammer355, 600, 630
Ash conveyor (waste)655-SMAWCouplings240,355,450
Augers (wear)630-SMAW/Crane wheels300,355
Ball mill shell (cement)280-SMAWCrusher cone/roller355,600, 630
Bearing housings90- AS / 200 SMAWDebarker knives (wood)412-GTAW, 788 –OFW
Boiler tubes630-AS ,288-SF  
Bells (steelmaking)655-SMAW/FCAWDefibering hammers (sugar)355,630,640
Bottle moulds (CI)2040-SFDies (brick and tile)630, 655 , 2070 SF
Buckets (excavator)350/355/600Drag line chains300/355/600
Blades (mixer)430/630/655 /788-OFWDrill bit (oil exploration)790 –OFW
Boom (excavator)240/350-SMAWElbow (concrete pump)630 –SMAW
Bagassiere (sugarrmill)240/ 350/355-SMAWExtrusion screws (waste)355/630/-SMAW/788-OFW
Cane cutter knives630/640-SMAWExcavator buckets– hardface600/630/655-SMAW/FCAW
Cast iron defects190-SMAW/FCAWEngine blocks (cast iron)190-SMAW
Casting rollers (steel)450  
Cutting dies (cold work)450/620/-SMAW/7201-GTAWEntry/exit guides (steel work)355/450
Crane Wheels350/355 –SMAW/ GMAW  
Crusher cones& rotor355/600-SMAW/FCAWFans (fan blades)630/655/2070-SF
Chemical tank (stainless)240/280 –SMAW/GTAWForging dies (hot working)425/430/450/
Conveyor screws406, 630, 788,2060Furnace parts280, 290
Chain drive sprockets300,355-SMAWFrogs (rails)350/355 –SMAW
Chisel (earthmoving)600-SMAWGears (cast iron)190-SMAW
Cutter head (tunneling)630,655-Gears steel240-SMAW/GTAW
Cylinder (steel)240-SMAWGlass crusher630-SMAW
Cylinder heads (cast iron)190-SMAW/Glass molds2020-SF,2040-SF
Grab jaws (steel mill)450, 620Rails and rail ends350/355
Grader Blades630,655  
Guides rolling mill350/355Ripper shank tooth600,630
Hammers (cement)355/600/630Roller journal shaft240/355
Hydro pulper rotor (paper)240/430Roller cast iron190/450
Hot cutting blades430 ,620  
Impellor (stainless steel)240/630Rotor shaft240,
Ingot transport rollers2040,2060,2070 SF  
Incinerators280 /290  
Idler roller (mining)300/355Rotor shredder (recycling)620/630
Knives (brick&tile)630/655/Rotor crusher (quarries)355/600/630
Kiln ring /tire280Screw extruder (brick&tile)630/655/788
Ladle (foundry/steel)85-CS-CERShafts240/350/355
Mixer blades (brick, cement)630,655, 788Scraper blades788,2070 SF
Mill roller shafts (sugar)350,455Stabilizer (oil & Gas extraction)788,790,865,2070 SF
Pistons (steel)240,280,355,450Stamping die240,406,620,,7201
Propellers (al bronze)200Shear blades406,412,425, 620
Pump body (castiron)190Sprockets300,350,355
Pump shafts406, 625 PT /Tamping bar (railways)600
Punch (auto/press)620 / 7201Truck pads (mining)300,355
Plungers (glassworks)2040 SF,2060SFTire (cement kiln)280
Press tools (Ci )190,200Turbine blades290
Press tools (Fe)200, 240, 355Valves (Fe)3290,406, 625 PT , 2006
Printing rolls1401, 2130 CSWheels (crane, &rail )350,355
  Wire– drawing guides430,450 , 2060 SF

The above given recommendation are based on past experiences and are given in good faith.

Field conditions vary from case to case and therefore no warranty or guarantee of final performance is provided .