Typical Applications:

  • Chains ,crane & railwheels
  • Bucket edges & bucket teeth
  • Caterpillar tracks
  • Cutting edges (cold work)
  • Crusher cones and Crusher rollers
  • Mill Hammers
  • Ripper teeth
  • Truck links
300-SMAW 300-FCAW 300-GMAW hard facing alloy for heavy build ups and overlays which must resist impact & pressure , semi hard deposit and can be machined, Often used as buffer or build up layer. Hardness : HB 250-350 Class. EN 14700 : E Fe 1
600 –SMAW 600-FCAW 600-GMAW General purpose hard facing alloy for overlays which need to resist medium abrasion, impact and pressure. The deposit is tough hard and can also be used with one or two layers of ARCWEL 630 on top. Hardness : 56- 60HRC , HB ~ 600Class. EN 14700 : E Fe 2

For protection of Bucket edges

Hard facing of Ripper teeth

For Worn Crusher teeth rebuilding

Continues Miners Equipment protection